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Alat Ukur Industri,agen Indonesia Hanna HI 98143-01

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22 / 04 / 2021
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Karya Mandiri Instrument Indonesia adalah supplier peralatan laboratorium baik eletronik maupun mekanik, serta berbagai macam instrument measurement, dengan didukung dari berbagai macam merk dari negara negara Eropa, US, dan beberapa negara di Asia seperti Korea, Japan dan Taiwan.

Detail Alat Ukur Industri,agen Indonesia Hanna HI 98143-01

instrument laboratorium

The Hanna Instruments HI 98143-01 pH/ EC transmitter with isolated output is designed to accept signals directly from a pH electrode and a conductivity probe at the same time. Direct connection of the probes to the transmitter assure a positive electrical connection with no signal loss. The Hanna Instruments HI 98143-01 is ideal for remote process control applications. The output signals are proportional to the input signals but independent of changes in load or cable capacitance. Compensation for the effects of temperature for EC measurements are performed by the transmitters' Automatic Temperature Compensation circuitry. The Hanna Instruments HI 98143-01' s transmitter can be connected to any pH or conductivity controller, recorder, PC or any data monitoring device that accepts 0 to 1 V, 0 to 4 V or 4 to 20 mA input. The Hanna Instruments HI 98143-01 is an ideal tool for applications that require the monitoring of both pH and conductivity at the same time.

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