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  • Alat Ukur Laboratorium Hach DR 2800 Spectrophotometer

Alat Ukur Laboratorium Hach DR 2800 Spectrophotometer

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Karya Mandiri Instrument Indonesia adalah supplier peralatan laboratorium baik eletronik maupun mekanik, serta berbagai macam instrument measurement, dengan didukung dari berbagai macam merk dari negara negara Eropa, US, dan beberapa negara di Asia seperti Korea, Japan dan Taiwan.

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DR 2800 Spectrophotometer with lithium battery in Indonesia for water analysis purpose. DR 2800 Spectrophotometer is a portable Spectrophotometer that will make your field work easier.
More than 240 Analytical Methods and Chemistries
The Hach DR 2800 Portable Spectrophotometer can be used for more than 240 analytical methods. ( Test parameters are listed on page 3.) These methods include more than 30 TNTplusý reagent vial tests that provide innovative barcode labeling for reliable, automatic method detection. All of the chemistries and supplies needed for these tests are available from Hach. The spectrophotometer can store up to 50 user programs and 500 data points, including sample and operator ID.
Use a USB Memory Stick to Update the Instrument or Transfer Data
Easily update DR 2800 spectrophotometer systems and transfer measurement data with a USB memory stick. Use it to stay current as Hach releases new test methods and chemistries. Two USB ports on the instrument allow for a computer to be connected in one port, when used with an upcoming software package, while the other is used to connect the spectrophotometer to a memory device or hand-held bar code scanner.
Small Footprint and Large Touch Screen Interface
The small footprint of the DR 2800 spectrophotometerý only 8.7 by 13.1 inchesý lets it easily fit into any lab as well as being completely portable. The touch screen display is intuitive to use and ergonomic in design.
Runs on Either Line Power or Battery Power
Use the DR 2800 spectrophotometer in the lab with regular line power or in the field with the optional lithium-ion battery
Accommodates Multiple Cell Sizes and Sample Delivery Methods
The DR 2800 spectrophotometer holds eight types of Hach cellsý including 1-in. square cells, 1x5-cm cells, 13-mm round vials ( TNTplus) , and 16-mm round vials. Three adapters are included with the spectrophotometer for other vial types such as 1-in. round/ AccuVacý cells, multi-path 1-in./ 1-cm cells, 1x1-cm square cells, and Pour-Thruý cells. The optional Pour-Thru cell kit is ideal for rapid liquid methods when high throughput of analysis is needed. Touch screen display with intuitive user interface
* USB ports for easy program updates and printer/ accessory connections
* Over 240 pre-installed analytical methods
* Automatic test recognition when used with TNTplus barcoded vial tests
* Small footprint
* Open measurement
* Runs on either line power or included lithium-ion battery
* Optional Pour-Thru Cell accessory for high volume analysis and trace level measurement

Prod # DR2800-01B
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