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  • alat ukur,agen murah Leica NA724 Automatic Level

Alat Ukur,agen Murah Leica NA724 Automatic Level

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Karya Mandiri Instrument Indonesia adalah supplier peralatan laboratorium baik eletronik maupun mekanik, serta berbagai macam instrument measurement, dengan didukung dari berbagai macam merk dari negara negara Eropa, US, dan beberapa negara di Asia seperti Korea, Japan dan Taiwan.

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Info Produk

Nothing stops a Leica NA700 Series Automatic Level. A short drop onto the ground, a fall into water, vibration from heavy machinery, with a Leica NA700 level you can continue working. No time-consuming checking or readjustment required. And, the " best-in-class " optics enable you to always work as precisely as possible, even in twilight. What does this add up to? Reduced work downtime, thus translate into higher productivity, resulting in higher reliability and accuracy.

Even after a short drop onto the ground, a fall into water or vibrations from heavy construction machines, – with the Leica NA700 level you just carry on working. No checking or re-adjustment required. No hassle, no time wasted. Just precise, clear measurements day in, day out. Jobsite Tough, Clearly Precise. Guaranteed.

100 Years of Leica Geosystems Research, Development and Experience In every Leica NA700 series level lies over a century of research and development from forefathers Kern Swiss and WILD Heerbrugg. Continuous application of the most modern technology has led to Leica Geosystems of today. We offer a wide range of surveying instruments and software, with a legendary reputation for precision and reliability that has been put to the test for decades on the building site.
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