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  • alat ukur,agen murah,promo Lutron GU3001 Milligauss Meter

Alat Ukur,agen Murah,promo Lutron GU3001 Milligauss Meter

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Karya Mandiri Instrument Indonesia adalah supplier peralatan laboratorium baik eletronik maupun mekanik, serta berbagai macam instrument measurement, dengan didukung dari berbagai macam merk dari negara negara Eropa, US, dan beberapa negara di Asia seperti Korea, Japan dan Taiwan.

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Info Produk

Lutron GU-3001 Milligauss Magnetometer

DC/ AC milligauss Magnetometer
Using exclusive high sensitivity sensor ( better performance than the traditional Hall element sensor) , available for high precision magnetic field measurement.
Wide application for industrial, mechanical, material, electrical, laboratory field to check the material contains magnetic field value.
DC and AC magnetic field measurement
Wide measure range: ± 3, 000 milligauss
The meter can detect the magnetic fields as small as 0.1 milligauss
N pole/ S pole indicator
Separate probe, easy operation and convenient for remote measurement
High precision magnetometer, even can measure the absolute environment Earth' s magnetic field as reference
Zero adjustment button for relative measurement
Large S-TN type LCD, high contrast, easy readout
Data hold function for freezing the desired value on display
Records Maximum and Minimum readings with Recall
RS232/ USB computer interface
Microprocessor circuit assures maximum possible accuracy, provides special functions and features
Heavy duty & compact housing with hard carrying case designed for easy carry out & operation
Auto shut off is available to save battery life
Power supply from batteries or DC 9V adapter in
Accessories included: Instruction manual, Probe, Hard Carrying case ( CA-06)
Optional Accessories: RS232 cable: UPCB-02, USB cable: USB-01, Data Acquisition software: SW-U801-WIN.
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